Magnolia South's Web Designer Partner - Debbie Jensen

Why Build a Web Site?

Web sites are an excellent way to reach your customers. They provide you a way to go into detail about your company's history, your product line(s), white papers, charts, marketing information, instructional information, and contact information. No doubt about it, professional web sites say who you are 24/7 - it's just another way to build credibility.

Who is Debbie Jensen?

Debbie Jensen, a web designer from California, creates professional web designs for both small and large businesses throughout the United States. She formally studied multimedia designs for both print and the Internet; and in 2006, she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication. Her study and work experience includes: SEO, html, xhtml, Flash animations, Javascript, writing web site content, online marketing, web design, graphic design, digital design, photography, and a huge range of software expertise. To learn more about her web designs, go to [DEBBIE JENSEN, WEB DESIGNER].

Learn More About Debbie Jensen

Debbie Jensen's online portfolio is at [
DEBBIE JENSEN'S ONLINE PORTFOLIO]. This is where you can see a few examples of her work in the following areas: web designs, digital designs, print designs, and logos. At this web site, you can learn more about her background too. She has an online biography and brief overview of her professional life.

To learn more about her writing and editing skills, go to her other online portfolio at [
HEART EXPRESSIONS PUBLISHING COMPANY]. At this web site, you can see her style of writing and use of editorial illustrations. Even though most of the articles are based on her artistic and IT educational background, you can see her passion for writing. Not all designers have the ability to write web site content, but Debbie Jensen can help you with this. She is actively writing expert articles for Genesis Global, her own web sites, and a variety of web sites on the Internet.

Debbie Jensen understands the value of creating a high quality web sites.
Let her showcase your business through a website.

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